Who I am....?!?!?!

Who am I? That's a good question.  I am a woman seeking God, trying to be obedient to His call on my life.  I am a Wife. A Mother (& Step-Mother).  A Daughter. A Sister. A Friend.

But I am more than these titles say.  I fail at some or all of these roles on a daily basis.

But I know I have to love of Savior that is bigger than me, bigger than my failures.  Thank You God for that.

I want this Blog to be a place where I can share my journey at the foot of the cross.  Christianity isn't easy, but it's worth the struggle to know that I have a God who loves me, who sent His Son to die for me, and who would do it again.  Not because of me, but because His LOVE is that big.

I think as believers we go through many seasons in our life time.  Sometimes it may seem like God is right with you.  You can see and feel and know He is at work in your daily life.  I think other times it's not as easy to see, feel and know that He is there.  And there are even times when we (I mean me!) deliberately disobey because I think I know best or I want something different, easy, not on the plan that God has destined for me.

I believe that God has called each of us to ministry in some way shape or form. Some he calls into full-time ministry (like my family,my husband is a Children's Pastor) and all of us He calls to minister to those directly around us (our family, friends, community, etc..)

I Believe that God is the same Yesterday, Today, and Always.  That His Love is bigger than I can even grasp.  That He choose me.  That He has a plan for my life. And He knows me inside and out. He knows my weakness's, my strengths and where I struggle.

During this journey it's my goal to share what and where I feel God is leading me.  Someday's it's a struggle to see where God is at work, but I know and Believe that He hasn't left me here all alone.

My Life Verse:  For we are God's Workmanship (poiema), created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10

poiema- work of art, masterpiece, one of a kind

Our Salvation is something only God can do.  It is His powerful, creative, work in us.  If God considers us his works of art, we dare not treat ourselves or others with disrespect  or as inferior work.

Like a stained glass window, all the pieces separate are just broken pieces of glass.  But God puts them all together to make a beautiful end-piece.

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